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Imagine coming home each night and knowing that this is YOUR HOME! Less than half of all families in Hawaii own their homes. That means they are paying rent month after month, year after year with no equity and no stability. It's time to do what's best for your family's future. I am here to help finance your home with a new mortgage. Take charge, get pre-qualified now and purchase your new home. 

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Sometimes the people closest to us are the ones that will tell you "you can't buy a home". But, the odds are that you can! I will show you the path to owning your own home. Sure, some take longer than others, but we will stay with you from start to finish so you can own your home.

We will talk about what type of home you want, where you are looking and questions you may have about getting pre-qualified. We will answer questions about credit scores, income, revolving debt, down payments and more. 

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Since 2006 my family rented several houses in Kona only to be faced with rising rents, pet/animal restrictions, aging appliances, and...two houses sold right out from under our feet! We didn't think we'd ever be able to buy a home in Hawaii. However, in 2015 with perseverance  we did. The experience was so enlightening to me, that I decided I want to help others do the same. I am a licensed mortgage loan originator in the State of Hawaii. NMLS 1612621. Visit me at Trusted Home Loans. You have me as a resource so you can do the same. I am here to help your family buy your home and secure your future. 

Doug Mallardi  NMLS 1612621  (808) 657-0188

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Douglas Mallardi (NMLS 1612621)

I'm helping my Hawaii Island friends and neighbors secure their family's future by providing mortgages to purchase their home. 

call (808) 657-0188     doug@trustedhomeloanshi.com

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Debt consolidation and home improvement loans up to $35,000 available through RocketLoans. GET STARTED!


Get Pre-Qualified 2-2-2

get pre qualified for your mortgage

Bring 2 years of tax returns, 2 months of bank statements, 2 most recent paychecks, ID and social security card. We review your credit, debt, and income to determine your best path to buy a home

FHA Home Buyers

FHA and USDA Loans

Homebuyers have access to 3.5% low down payment options. If you know your estimated property value and loan amount, you can get pre-approved!

USDA Mortgages

USDA and FHA Loans

Most of the Big Island is designated 'rural' by the USDA, making these loans ideal for Big Island families. Learn what size loans are available and how to select a suitable home.

Veteran Mortgages & Refinance

VA Loans

100% financing available for active and retired military. Condos and single family homes.

VA IRRL refinance helps veterans keep their home during turbulent times.

Save Money By Refinancing

Refinance Rate and Term, Cash Out Refinance

If you already have a mortgage AND intend to keep your home for the long run, you have the opportunity to refinance at a lower interest rate to reduce payments and save tens-of-thousands.

New Construction & Renovation

Construction Loans

From the ground up, we can finance vacant land so you can build your dream home. Or, rehab an existing property for primary residence, income producing rental, or H2A housing.


You can get up to $35,000 today

fix and flip just like HGTV

Home improvements, debt consolidation, business and personal loans are available online today and in your bank tomorrow. Learn More.

We offer 10% down JUMBO loans

Jumbo loans multi million dollars

10% down payment on home purchases $1 million to $4 million so you can enjoy your dream home without liquidating your investments.

We are an equal housing lender

equal housing opportunity lender

We provide equal access to our services without any discrimination based upon age, race, religion, country of origin or marital status.

We finance international buyers

foreign national international investors

International buyers can finance their purchase with streamlined credit and documentation to facilitate long distance investments